When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.



I recently made a realization about some issues that have been plaguing me my whole life. I realized that I have been forced to compete for every last little thing that I have including attention. Now in the perfect world a child would never have to compete for love and attention, but this is not a perfect world. These issues have been causing me major problems my whole life, and finally at 45 years old, I have been able to identify them. Over this last week, I stayed aware of this competitive issue, and I found that now that I am aware of it, it is no longer affecting me anymore. Now every-time the competition for attention comes up, I now react with I’m not going to play that game instead of getting angry, like I use to. this realization has been so liberating, and I have been, so much happier at the same time. Before this realization, I didn’t think that happiness in my life would ever be possible, but thankfully, I was wrong!